Justin Bieber Attacked on Stage in a Dubai Concert



Justin Bieber was forced to take action when he was attacked by a crazed male fan in a Dubai concert show on Sunday.

Apparently, Bieber was playing the piano accompaniment for the ballad “Believe” when a male fan jumped on stage and attacked the Canadian pop icon, according to the reports.

Meanwhile, Bieber was two hours late for the Dubai concert, which is becoming a thing with Bieber lately. During the attacked on stage, Bieber was able to escape the scrum with his face unscathed.

The security guards at the Seven Stadium managed to restrain the intruder while Bieber, was abel to escape the crasher’s grip, exited from the other side of the stage.

Thomas Ovesen, an executive at Done Events, told the National, “A young fan desperate to meet his idol did make his way on stage, but was immediately removed and Justin professionally continued with his show.”

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