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iPod Touch 4th generation can’t upgrade to iOS7


Apple recently announced iOS7 on Wednesday last week. The new iOS has been redesigned under the supervision of Apple design guru Jony Ive.

While the new iOS7 software sports a flatter, cleaner look with lots of new additional features, iPod touch 4th generation users will surely cry foul as this recent software upgrade will not be available to their devices. On the iPod Touch line of devices, only the 5th generation will be able to upgrade it to the latest iOS7.

That means iPod Touch 4th generation users will miss out these features that will only be available to 5th generation iPod Touch which includes a quick settings area that allows users to easily turn on or off their WiFi and Bluetooth antennas, and the security updates.


All other Apple products previously running on iOS6 will be able to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS7. These include iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad with retina display, iPad4, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C.

Meanwhile, as with other iOS upgrades, older devices won’t get all of the new features in iOS 7. For example the new burst and slow-motion camera modes will only be available on the new iPhone 5s. In addition, the panoramic shooting mode isn’t available on the iPhone 4 or on any of the iPads.

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