Bro. Manny Pacquiao’s Divine Source of Strength and Power Revealed


He could aptly be called the Joan of Arc of our time, or has simply harnessed the power of politicking into perfection?

Ever wondered where Manny Pacquiao gets his supreme power and strength inside the ring to reap for him boxing laureates no man has ever done before or at least not intelligent enough to pick the right opponents at the right time?  Of course aside from pummeling an old and dehydrated Oscar dela Hoya blue and black sending him to an automatic retirement.

No it is not VitWater or Rexona or Magnolia Milk or Krista Ranillo.  Ara Mina?  Hmmm, that is old news.


Maybe some of you are thinking of Mommy Dionisia’s “perfect” genes that have transformed a lanky construction worker into a billionaire world-renown athlete every politician and starlet is salivating to have a photo-op with.

But when asked about the question, Manny Pacquiao answered sounding like Mike Velarde on a checkered coat, bow tie and white pants saying,

In my 31 years here on earth, God appeared to me once and told me to have unconditional faith in him.

To skeptics, he simply said, “That is true.”

I was not yet popular and world champion when our God appeared to me and assured me of strength and power.

One can never argue a person who says God appeared to him but we all know pretty well that all those who have claimed to have talked to God ended up having the time of their lives on lofty government posts or simply got very rich due to the overwhelming mandatory 10% remittance of one’s salary to the holy vault that is called Brother blank blank bank account.

Could it mean we may soon call Manny Pacquiao,  Brother Pacquiao?  Amen.  Sounds great to me huh.

There is no way we can verify the veracity of Pacquiao’s statements, but I guess one proof that Manny has indeed seen God and actually talked to God is that so many devils are surrounding him in the person of politicians trying to rub on them some luck if not holiness?  Remember Jesus tempted by the devil on the desert after getting baptized as the heaven opened up and God talked to him?

Go Brother Pacquiao!  Rock on!  Hopefully no one will crucify him on the cross.

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    That’s a very interesting observation, Brother Elmot. I’m all for it especially if it will bring clarity to his thinking that politics isn’t for him at all.


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