Manny Pacquiao Fathered a Child With Another Woman?


Are the rumors true, did Boxing icon and Sarangani Congressman Manny Pacquiao father a child with a certain Kat Ordonez who is reportedly only 22 years old and is a culinary arts student, or is this issue being circulated to throw the pound-for-pound champ off his lethal boxing game?

If you will recall, Manny’s wife Jinkee was peppered with questions from reporters regarding Manny’s supposed continued philandering ways, but Jinkee refused to bite into the bait and challenged those perpetuating the unfounded stories to show her proof and she will give them a reward — an Hermes bag if that is what they want.

True to form, the so-called reliable sources produced the required proof, a picture of Manny Pacquiao holding a child at a christening. But, the question remains: is it his?

According to the mother of the child herself, Kat Ordonez, Manny, along with known Pacquiao posse Lito Camo and Phillip Salvador, is just a godfather — not the father of the child.

Still, the rumor rages on and Jinkee’s latest statement is somewhat fanning the flames, “…I’m the original, not the other woman”. So, is she confirming that Kat Ordonez is the other woman?

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