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Gloria Diaz Declared Persona Non Grata in Cebu


gloria diazThe issue of Maria Venus Raj seemingly failing to answer properly the question given to her during the Miss Universe pageant has bred a new controversy with Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz.

Due to her remarks during a television interview about allegedly hinting that Cebuanos are incapable of speaking in English that is why they need an interpreter instead during pageants, local government officials in Cebu condemned her and declared Gloria Diaz persona non-grata in the Queen City of the South.

Diaz was caught on TV making this statement that offended Cebuanos:

“That’s a good idea. Especially that Filipinos all over the world can interpret anything. I think she (Raj) thinks in Tagalog and speaks in English. But I can relate to that because I used to think in English and answer in Tagalog, and it was very difficult for me.  Kasi when you think about [it], a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog. So maybe she should answer in Bisaya.”

But Miss Universe titlist immediately clarified her statement during the TV interview saying,

“This is what I said, ‘People should have the right to say or to answer, not people, beauty contestants, to answer in whatever language they want to say it in. If they’re Cebuanos, they can say it in Cebuano.’ I did not say that they (Cebuanos) can’t speak English. If you’re Ilocano, say it in Ilocano. But if you’re Ilocano who speaks good English, say it in English. If you’re Cebuano who can speak Spanish, if you’re comfortable with Spanish, say it in Spanish. That’s what I said and that’s what I meant.”

The declaration against Diaz was made by the Vice Mayors League of The Philippines-Cebu and other officials in the province want an apology.

When I have heard Miss Diaz’s statement on TV, I was quite scratching my head because as far as I know on many occasions I have been to Cebu, Cebuanos are more fluent and confident speaking in English than in Tagalog and more versed speaking in English than any other regions in the country.

Do you think Miss Gloria Diaz deserves to be declared a persona non grata in Cebu?

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    Gloria Diaz may be wrong there, but to declare her persona non grata? Overacting naman ng nagpasimuno nyan. Ipabarangay na lang nila si Gloria. Then as a community service let her conduct a workshop on masterful handling of the Q & A in beauty pageants for those interested.
    .-= jan geronimo´s last blog ..Facebook and My Kids =-.

  2. Mas OA ka says:

    She can’t even speak straight English! Look at her pronunciation and diction? She even mispronounced certain words. She should apologize to the Cebuanos!!!

  3. purely cebuana says:

    overacting? sorry… unlike sa taga north, we don’t take low blows from you for granted and juz release b*****es like her to the public to what again? conduct a workshop? no thank you. we don’t want her anywhere inside our island or even close to it. =)

  4. cebuano ko says:

    Persona non grata – “an unwelcomed person”. It is just but fair to label someone who belittles the capacity and skill of a people. It is a great insult to Cebuanos to be said that we do not know how to speak in English. Maybe what was on her mind is the language not the people. The language is “bisaya” which is the language of most people from Visayas and Mindanao. Cebuanos are the people of Cebu. In what she said she was referring to the people not the language. With what she said she specifically was referring to Cebuanos and not the bisaya language.

    How did you felt when a character in Desperate Housewife referred to a Filipino doctor? It was only fictional and the show apologized to the Filipino people. What more this and it was recorded and in addition in our own province.

    If she did not mean what she said then she should not open her mouth.

  5. matet says:

    Gloria Diaz is really wrong here because she specifically said cebuanos and the video can’t deny that. What she said was very, very clear. Cebuanos are not stupid not to understand simple words like what Gloria had said. And the Cebuanos do not find it hard to speak in English. They are fluent and smart when they speak the language…Gloria should apologized.

  6. charlize valdez says:

    OA, everyone can voice out their opinion.. too bad you people making it this big..


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