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"Mariel is a Suck Up" according to Sam Pinto


mariel pbbShe may already be out of the Big Brother House but she still has some tirades against her fellow housemates.

Sam Pinto entered the Big Brother House during the latter phase of the reality-show’s programs and had clearly struggled on fitting in the community of different people and personalities.  She even confided to Big Brother on one segment her difficulty with dealing with others housemates and on trying to do a catch up.  But she has also recognized and thanked Mommy Kath for being so welcoming and good to her.

On her interview with ABS-CBN.com she shared that

At first it was very hard for me kasi bonded na sila. May mga nangyari na sa kanila na hindi ko alam. Kapag pinaguusapan nila ‘yung mga past weekly tasks hindi ako maka-relate. Pero hinayaan ko na lang. Later on naman I was able to catch up.

But if there is one person that truly sucks for her, it is Housemate MarielSam shared,

She loves to kiss a**… Tipong lagi na lang, ‘Gusto mong linisin ko shoes mo?!’ ‘Ano’ng gusto mo?!’ ‘O sige gagawin ko ‘yan!’ ‘Super na!’ Ewan ko lang kung ganun talaga siya or strategy niya ‘yun so that all the housemates will like her and hindi siya ma-nominate. If that’s her strategy I must say it’s working. Galing! Hindi siya masyado nano-nominate.

Wow, those were hot statements against Mariel from fellow housemate Sam. Well, everything is a game; one cannot just simply please everybody.  At the end of the day, it is still a game of survival for the housemates.  Their strategies or real personalities may suck, but it is still a game.

Do you think Sam Pinto is right on saying that Mariel is a suck up?

Image from PBB.Com

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