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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Heading to Split


brangelina_Hottest news in Hollywood is that it seems there will be no more Brangelina.

Hot gossips are circulating that superstar couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have consulted divorce lawyers in the past weeks and that, custody of their 6 children have been discussed together with how are the two going to divide their combined vast fortune.

The couple’s fortune is estimated to be around $322 million with mansions in France, New Orleans and California.

Negotiations and discussions for the divorce was reportedly not that heated and legal papers have already been signed by the two and will soon come out revealing that custody of their six children will remain with Jolie; upbringing though is to be the responsibility though of the two.

Rumors of an imminent break-up of the superstar couple has been circulating for months now, and with the recent observations of the press of the couple seemed to be cold and not seen on public together, just fueled suspicions. The two were seen together on the most recent Golden Globe Awards, with Brad watching a football game and Jolie stayed in California.

Let us see in the coming days or weeks, for the formal announcement.

These two hollywood hotshots are not married th0ugh.  There, you know what I mean, and the real score of the issue *wink*

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