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"Hurt Locker's" Producer Nicolas Chartier, Banned from Attending Oscar Awards


hurtlocker-poster“Hurt Locker’s” producer Nicolas Chartier is barred from attending the Oscars Awards on Sunday after his emails went out in the open that urges members of the Academy Awards to vote his movie.

The penalty slapped on Chartier is based on the Oscars rule that prohibits the promotion or lobbying of nominated entries most especially to members of the academy.

His email that dates February 19, 2010 asks for support for his film “Hurt Locker” that is pitted against the top-grossing “Avatar” of James Cameron.

The producer has already apologized about the sad act saying,

My naivete, ignorance of the rules and plain stupidity as a first-time nominee is not an excuse for this behavior and I strongly regret it.

If ever “Hurt Locker” wins an award for best motion picture, the award will be given to Chartier on a later date.

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