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Ruffa Gutierrez "The Buzz" Walkout Video, Has Kris Really Said Anything Wrong?


Now people are asking, what Kris Aquino had said that it would really force Ruffa Gutierrez to walkout during last Sunday’s “The Buzz” show.

Check out this video of the said episode and examine if Kris had indeed erred and deserves at the same to take harsh words from Annabelle Rama.

Watch Ruffa Gutierrez “The Buzz” Walkout Video:

I think during that episode, there is none that would warrant Ruffa to walkout in lieu of Krissy’s comments.  But if she is saying as what Mrs. Rama said on an interview on GMA7 that Ruffa has been treated that way for quite a time, maybe the compounding instances of that kind of treatment from Kris had already reached the level that she could still bear it.

How about you, what do you think?  Did Kris said something wrong to really offend Ruffa and warrant her to be at the receiving end of Mrs. Ramas harsh words?

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  1. cee_jay says:

    I’ve seen “The Buzz” yesterday and I didn’t see anything wrong with Kris Aquino’s statement on Ruffa’s supposed departure to TV5. Kris was just candidly telling the former beauty queen that “mas masaya dito..” I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    As I see it, Ruffa and her mom – Annabelle were just overreacting. They’re actually “using” this controversy for a free publicity regarding Ruffa’s transfer to TV5. Para bang well-orchestrated ang lahat? Pansin nyo, right after Ruffa walsk out on stage minutes after; her mom was being interviewed over rival show – “Showbiz Central.” I really do not understand why Ms Rama still has to attack Kris’ brother. It’s really out of the issue.

    In conclusion, Ruffa was just overreacting. The same goes with Annabelle. In short, “nagamit” ang ABS-CBN and The Buzz on Ruffa’s transfer to the other network. It seems a deja vu to me because when Ruffa was allegedly beaten by Yilmaz in 2007, she was all over on national television and the Kapamilya Network gave her a career out of that..whew!

  2. Elena says:

    Hay naku. That issue indeed is a publicity stunt, Ruffa being in a restaurant crying after the walk out. If she walked out from The Buzz for her dignity she should have wept in public, but it’s too obvious that she’s just begging for the sympathy of the public…which apparently isn’t working.Haha!

    • elmot says:

      Thanks for the comment Elena 😀

      Could be a publicity stunt indeed…She had been working with Kris for a very long time already and that kind of comment from Kris was not really offending.

      Maybe she wants to bring in some fans and sympathy as she is transferring to TV-5.

      May sasama ba kay Ruffa sa TV5? LOL! I am not seeing any hands so far, hahahaha!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Let us Not be So Perfect =-.

  3. Cyrine says:

    Someone who is at the set of the Buzz told me that the asaran started off the cam pa. So what we saw and heard on the show is just probably the last straw for Ruffa. To us , Kris words sound harmless, but we dont know what other words were said before that off the cam. I dont like Annabele Rama, but looking at the scandal and slander Kris have been in the last months, Im not surprise even the maarte Ruffa would say enough.

    • elmot says:

      Thanks Cyrine for that added info.

      Pwede, kasi di ba, could it have been the last straw for Ruffa kaya talagang napuno na. Pwedeng nag-asaran na before they went live on cam…

      Pero si Annabelle, talagang uncalled for at talagang wala sa tamang wisyo yan. Hirap maging nanay yan, LOL!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..How to Make Google Your BFF =-.

  4. cee_jay says:

    sabi ni Bisaya, they’re fed up with Kris’ alleged “pambabara” on Ruffa pero bakit ngayon lang nagreklamo? The answer is, kasi lilipat na c Ruffa sa TV5 at para mapag-usapan ng husto ang transfer niya eh gagawa talaga ng ingay whether good or bad publicity.

    unfortunately, the intelligent public aren’t biting Annabelle’s strategy. can we possibly BOYCOTT or BAN them – Ruffa and her mom, Annabelle? hahahaha

  5. Khate says:

    My gosh even though it’s the last straw you have to control your emotion! I mean kung may nangyari talaga Off cam bakit nung nag start yung show nag sabihan pa sila both I miss you(kris&ruffa) all I can say so plastiK ni ruffa” and you know what I’ve watched this a couple times n different websites and I’ve read a lot of comments wala talaga naniniwala sa mag inang ito they are both pathetic” and Elmont my dear you are so right it is indeed publicity stunt . and again bat kailangan idamay si NOY what is the real agenda? hmmm kayo na mag judge”

    • elmot says:

      I agree Kate with your point…if there were already some things that had happened before the show that had caused Ruffa to get upset it was not apparently visible at the start of the show…mukang oks na oks nga sila, only up to that last seconds before they went off cam…

      Thus, makes people think na talagang stunt lang yun, tapos take note…only seconds after, aba eh live interview na agad si Annabelle sa kabilang istasyon.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Purefoods TJ Giants Champions of PBA Philippine Cup, 4-0 =-.

  6. cee_jay says:

    well, me point ka jan Elmo..but I’ll make my personal boycott na lang hehe 🙂

    let’s see if her career will soar at TV5…gudluck to her na lang..

  7. nairda45 says:

    Fuck off Motherfucker Bitch! in addition, walang utang na loob ang mag-iina.. During the time na umalis si kris nung nasa The Buzz pa si Cristy Fermin, usap-usapan na sa public and press people na Krissy’s friendship or Ms. Ai-ai ang papalit sa kanya, but Kris had high-hopes kay ruffa kaya instead na kay Ai-ai ibigay yung trono nya, she selflessly gave it to ruffa na naging dahilan ng pagktampo ni Ai-ai and also naging isa sa dahlan bkit muntikan ng lumipat sa GMA si Ai-ai. Indeed! Sobrang wrekcer and cheap ni anabelle.

  8. ningning says:

    wala po ako nakikita mali sa sinabi ni kris…. baka masyado sensitive si ruffa sa araw na yun baka malapit na mg menstruation… if you are a pro host you will know how to make a more senseful conversation than kukuha ka ng attention na para kang KSP ika nga. I think dapat wala na issue na ganun kc mas minus ky ruffa ang impact ng situation… bakit sa showtime na ngbabarahan cla dun pero mas masaya ang dating ng show dahil magagaling ang host they know how to make the conversation senseful and lively…. good luck nalng sakanila…

  9. sonia says:

    me naman if you were to ask my opinion…si kris kc minsan napaka taklesa mag salita she don’t give a damn to the feelings of other people.im sure si rufing napuno na sa kanya kc laging cyang nababara ni kristeta kaya cya nag walk out para pag usapan cya.YUN LANG UN!


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