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The Epidemic Use of "Actually" on Pinoy Showbiz Lingo


watch-your-language-bookActually, I was watching the interview on Charice Pempengco last Sunday on gossip show “The Buzz” and I can’t help but laugh and wonder why is it that most Pinoy actors and Pinay actresses have come to embrace the expression “actually” to start their sentences whenever asked about different gossips and showbiz rumors hounding them.

Actually, what’s with showbizness that “actually” instantaneously becomes part of one’s celebrity vocabulary?

Actually, we can now hear also so many people using this word of somewhat approximation during conversations.  Instant celebrities?  Actually, got infected by this lingo virus because Pinoys love celebrity rumors. *evil grin*

Ooops, I have been using “actually” all throughout this post too, LOL!

Do you use “actually” often on your conversations?  What’s with the word “actually” that Filipino celebrities love to use them?

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    Perhaps, we thought we’re being cute or God forbid – educated? If we preface our every statement with actually, what are we saying? By implication, I don’t trust you don’t won’t get the drift of what I’m going to say. So perhaps, it will help if I break it down for you – piece by manageable piece. So you see, I’m actually doing you a favor so your brain will not hurt from the exertion of getting to the essence of what I’m saying.

    It’s something akin to the expression “honestly.” If you use it without thought, I’d be tempted to think, “So every thing that precedes this statement is pure hogwash?”

    If you can’t trust me to get your statement in context what does that say about you as a messenger? Perhaps you should be shot? Actually? LOL

    It’s become an irritating verbal tic, isn’t it? It’s our way of buying us time, while we pursue our thoughts to its logical conclusion. The alternative is to think things through before opening our mouths. But that’s unexciting so what we’re left with littering our speech with these verbal tics that actually don’t mean a thing.

    • elmot says:

      Hhahaha! Artists may have been trying to buy out some more air time by using “actually” in all the statements they say; that is free publicity…but only exposes their shallow, illogical and skin deep personality actually, LOL!

      Maski sa misa Bro, may mga pari na kapag nag-homily eh puro “actually” rin ang himig, eheheh!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Arnel Pineda Singing the National Anthem Video, to Be Sued by NHI =-.

      • jan geronimo says:

        Pati priest afflicted na rin ng actually-itis? That’s funny. Perhaps that’s just for some comic relief. 🙂

        It occurred to me just now that perhaps this has got something to do with the prevalence of hype, lies and managed news in the world of showbiz. A star who’s on the receiving end of negative publicity starts by clearing the air by using the phrase. So it can be taken to mean he or she is making a clean breast of the whole thing.

        Of course, it can be said it’s just putting a good spin on a bad situation. Damage control, if you will. And the convenient expression “actually” gives a patina of forthrightness – belated though it maybe – to the person. Should we believe it? Depends on how acute our radar for B.S. is actually. 🙂 Otherwise, we just have to learn to grit our teeth through the whole ordeal.

      • elmot says:

        Yup, pati priest. So it could either mean that we should not believe to what he is preaching or he is just trying to inject some fun to his sermon.

        Tama! Heheheh! Most stars who are using this are those who are entangled to some controversy, and it is like clearing one’s throat and then say his side of the story…

        At the end of it, you just don’t want to simply believe
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..Echong Dee Coke Commercial 2009 =-.

  2. Balty says:

    Ang ibig sabihin kasi ng ‘actually’ ay ‘sa totoo lang’. Siguro, panay kasi tayo joke ng joke, kaya, ‘pag seryoso na tayo, kailangang ipaalam natin sa ating kausap na “totoo ang sasabihin ko sa ‘yo kaya makinig ka ng mabuti”.

    Kaso, mas mahaba kasi ang Filipino version, kaya mas madaling sabihin at gamitin ang ‘actually’.

    Pero, actually, mayroon pang isang salitang madalas gamitin ng mga Pinoy — kasi. At least, two syllables lang ‘yun.


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