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Willie Revillame is Pure Hot Air


willie-revillame-wowoweeWillie Revillame is like a spoiled brat that if the his mom will not give in to his cravings, he will cry and lie on the floor.  Revillame is calling on the ABS-CBN management to cut off showbiz writer and host Joebert Sucaldito’s head off after the latter, Revillame said been giving not-so-good comments to him and his show Wowowee.

Sucaldito commented that he felt bad of Revillame poking fun on the contestants and that this should not be tolerated as this is demeaning.

The outburst was aired during Willie’s noontime TV show and even had the balls to threaten the management (the one that signs his paycheck) that he will resign if it will not kick out Sucaldito or it the showbiz writer will not voluntarily resign.

While Revillame has been saying angelic and immaculate words on his endorsement of Villar preaching that it is better for us to be at the receiving end of negative attacks than being the perpetrator, he has unleashed his true self and that everything that he says on his endorsement of Villar is nothing but words with no substance, no integrity, pure hot air.

This is pure arrogance of a man who is so full of himself and thinks that he is the boss and be can just easily bully anyone.

The outburst of Revillame proves only thing; that he wants his station to be bias to all its talents and to all its shows singing only hallelujah and that he is untouchable.

He has forgotten the old adage; don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

I dare him to resign, I think that the public will surely thank him for doing the people a great favor.

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    Bat kaya di na lang regaluhan ni Willie si Jobert ng eel? O di kaya ay square watermelon to appease the reporter?

    I find it odd Willie made his demand for Jobert’s head on his noontime show. A backroom negotiation might have a higher percentage of succeeding. Maybe WR regards himself as the Golden Goose of ABS? That maybe, but in due time kawali lang katapat niya. Ooops. 🙂

  2. Julius says:

    If I’ll have my own way, let this arrogant shit of a so-called host of the masses leave. Better yet, let him take wowowee with him and extend the airtime of Showtime.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Fish be with You =-.

  3. WRsucks says:

    RESIGN WILLIE! PLEASE RESIGN! This dumba** thinks he owns the network. The only reason why his tacky CDs even make cash and are ranked are because he BUYS THEM and then gives them away to people in the audience. If that’s not the case and people actually buy his CD out of their own free will, then I question whether Filipinos actually know what talent is. His show and Willie in particular has always been unprofessional. He pokes fun of everyone, even the audience. He thinks it’s funny. To guest kids who are barely average and make them a spectacle is just pure ignorance. You don’t do that! It’s not acceptable to poke fun at kids who are barely average. Just because it’s a gameshow, it’s supposed to be acceptable? Why not have a day where he guests all kinds of rapists or terrorists?! After all, it is a gameshow and as he put it “any body can play”. What an idiot. I hope ABSCBN fires this douche bag.

  4. Mike says:

    It is time to get rid of Willie Revillame and his over-acting (Mariel Rodriguez, RR, Pokwang) and camera self-conscious (Mariel Rodriguez, RR, Saycey) entourage.

    I am not the only one tired of watching Wowowee. The over-acting, camera self-conscious, arrogant, no class, pretentious and unprofessional personnel, they turns us off. I would rather watch a show with real talent, humble people, with class and professionals like the newly added co-hosts (Carmen Soo, Kelly Misa, Isabelle Abiera and Jed Montero) and Valerie Concepcion can stay.

  5. basbas says:


  6. yasmin says:

    grabe ang yabang ni willie! fan pa naman ako ng show nya! extend n lng showtime!

  7. red sun says:

    willy ano nangyari dati bilib ako sa talent mo ngayon mas gusto ko manood talentadong pinoy look at ryan agoncillo professional hos walang drama effect. di tulad mo padrama drama pa. abs cbn palitan niyo na yan bago lumipat sa bulaga lahat ng tao

  8. red sun says:

    is pure hot air “utot” in our local dialect 🙂

  9. john dria says:

    Yan ang nagiging epekto ng kayabangan ni Willie. Palibhasa tino-tolerate ng ABS-CBN ang paglaki ng ulo nitong gago at walang respeto sa mga kasama nya. Akala nya sya na ang may-ari ng station. Samantalang noong natanggal sya para syang basang sisiw na humihingi ng tulong kahit kanino palibhasa nandyan pa si VP-noli na pwede nyang lapitan.Siguro iniisip nya na di na sya maghihirap dahil may WIL MALL na sya (iyan ay kung talagang sa kanya)

  10. EJ. dria says:

    Pwede namang ibalik ang APO na sinipsip ni Willie noon di ba? Bagay naman sila sa noontime show. Sana matauhan na ang ABS na di lang si willie ang deserving sa noontime show. Ang kelangan nyo ngayon ay palitan ang BASTOS, MAYABANG AT MAPAGMALAKING HOST.

  11. Bart D. says:

    Everyone hates willie! After all, if he returns, the show will n0t be the same, the damage is g0ne eka nga. Sana wil maramdaman m0ng ayaw na sau ng public, ABS try to be open, puro negative comment c willie, try to search on net, haist. Ang daming my gots para pumalit sa kanya. Hnd man ako naientertain ng show nya. Ang OA masyado. Pa drama epek pa, but i love ABS!

  12. Yian says:

    That Jobert gusto lang makahatak ng popularity ni Wellie, WOW your so clever pre, Sino ka nga pala, hindi ka kasi kilala ng marami, e c Wellie sikat kaya yan na lang ang kaya mong gawin, at oo nga naman instant sikat ka kaagad kasi mapag usapan ka eh. congrats! but sorry Willie pa rinn kami.

  13. Williesucksbigtime says:

    If all of the obscene words in the English language, combined, were to have a single face, it would be that of Willie. As simple as that! Enough of his stupid antics, demeaning comments on contestants and live acts of lasciviousness!


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