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Phil Younghusband on Angel Locsin: This is the first time I've felt strongly for someone


Philippine Askal member Phil Younghusband seems to be a celebrity more than an athlete. Now, he is being consistently pestered by all sorts of press ever since he publicly declared that he has the hots for the gorgeous Kapamilya actress, Angel Locsin.

Recently, it was said that he admitted that Angel is different among the other girls he had dated.

“Yeah, I’ve had girlfriends before but I think this is the first time I’ve felt strongly for someone. As I’ve said before, I really care for Angel, I really like her.  First of all there’s the attraction, she’s very attractive, once you meet her, she’s very down to earth considering what she is,” Phil explained.

He also added that they had the chance to go to church and had dinner together.

“I invited her, I’m Catholic but I do go to Christian churches. Maganda kasi ang music. There’s more interaction sa Christian church. Nagutom kami, we were very hungry so we needed to eat.”

After the scene that he caused for asking Angel via Twitter on a Valentines date, Phil learned to keep things between them.

“Everyone wants to know what time we ate, where we met but I thought that should be kept quiet and secret,” said Phil Younghusband.

Phil was also thankful that Angel doesn’t believe such rumors that he’s only using her for publicity stunts.

So uh, do we have Phingel fans club now? Or does Angil sound better?









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