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"Kris Aquino Despedida" Facebook Page Gaining Popularity


kris aquino facebookAn online campaign is gaining popularity on Facebook as a quick reaction to the sure win that Liberal Party’s presidential bet Noynoy Aquino is set to get; that is technically only short of an official proclamation from Congress.

No, it is not about Noynoy Aquino getting a hair implant or botox but about her sister Kris Aquino to start packing her things up and fly out of the country.

As of the moment, the “Kris Aquino Despedida Page” numbers  with roughly 4,000 members as of this writing since it was first created a day after the May 10 national polls.

The page is all about people making sure Kris will stay true to her words when she said during the campaign of her brother,

“If (Noynoy) does win and I’m a cause of stress for him and his presidency, ill gladly take my two boys and live anywhere there is TFC.”

This statement came about when Annabelle Rama blurted out of Kris Aquino already being so arrogant and how much more she can be when her brother wins the presidency.

There are varied reactions and comments from the Facebook page, but mostly are ecstatic to see Kris Aquino leave and for once be true to her words.

Unfortunately for all those who are already in party mode for Kris Aquino’s leaving the country, her statement is conditional; she will only leave “if” she causes stress for his brother and only becomes a baggage for the presidency.

Up to now, Kris Aquino is still mum about the online movement.

What do you think, will Kris Aquino be true to what she said that she will leave the country if Noynoy wins or she will find many other reasons not to honor her statement during the campaign?

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    That Noynoy might win? Check. That Kris might cause undue stress on her brother with her antics? Remains to be seen.

    I see no calamity befalling the nation if Kris changes her mind. She has every right to do so like the rest of us.

    Despedida for Kris? Good luck with that. Ahehehe

    • elmot says:

      Yes, used the word Noynoy might win, for as you see Erap is not conceding, same with JC de los Reyes and Jamby and Nick Perlas as they are only minutes ago saying that they were cheated…man, only in the Philippines.

      Going back…that is one quality of Krissy though, her tongue is as quick as her telling the people she did not mean it, LOL!

      Maybe, Kris causing stress to Manny Pacquiao? Or is it the other way around as the latter actually won a congressional seat, LOL!

      “Et your wurds, Kres, I wun!” – Manny Pacquiao

      LOL! 😀
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..A Serious Analysis of How Binay Has Overtaken Roxas on the VP Race =-.

  2. jan geronimo says:

    Sabi nga ni @PCOSmachine sa Twitter: “YMing with JC Delos Reyes and Mr. Perlas. Trying to explain to them how elections work. Highest votes = winner.”

    Aha. Dito pala nag germinate un idea behind your latest post. Ahehehe. Parang ayaw ko pang magcomment dun. Later na lang. Ahehehe


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