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Robin Padilla or Willie Revillame on Wowowee


robin-padillaI haven’t written yet about Robin Padilla taking over Willie Revillame’s noontime TV show “Wowowee” but I have watched the show with the new host and I can say that it was all “ok”.

Robin Padilla, the Pinoy action star and “Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema” hosted Wowowee temporarily as Willie took a leave from the show due to his frustrations over fellow Kapamilya Jobert Sucaldito lambasting him and the latter’s radio program.

While ABS-CBN made a media hype of an “Idol” taking over the hosting job, I was thinking all the while that an American Idol winner or former contestant is the one they are guest.  Well, I was all wrong.  Nonetheless, Robin Padilla did a great job.  The sentiments are varied regarding the new host.

But there are still people who are asking for a Willie Revillame.  And I will say that I am not one of them.

How about you?  Robin Padilla or Willie Revillame on Wowowee?

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  1. Nerak says:

    Sana si robin n lng ang host ng wowowee para masaya d sya nang iinsulto. Magalang pa.

    • Marco says:

      Sana, huwag ng maki pag deal ang ABS-CBN kay Willie. As a TFC subscriber, Robin is becoming a better host although he needs some improvement. We have not watch Wowowee for a long time pero when Robin replaced Willie, nagkagana uli kaming manood.

      Robin makes our family smile and laugh. Willie does not. Willie only promotes his product and always singing the same songs. When Robin sings,we look and listen and smiles. He is adorable.

      Robin would be the best replacement for Willie comparing all of the other temporary hosts in the past.

  2. Mike says:

    Robin Padilla is a great replacement to host Wowowee. I would rather have a humble, respectable and non-cry-baby host.

  3. Priscilla Gemanel says:

    I am million times for ROBIN. Ano ba ang nagawang maganda ng Willie na iyan. Hindi siya Kawiliwili, hindi siya mabait, MAYABANG NA MAYABANG, BASTOS, WALANG PINAG-ARALAN AT PLASTIK. Di totoo iyong pagiging malambing and mabait sa mga contenstant kasi how he treated his staff at iyong mga lowly comedians eh evident na bastos and salbahe.

    Si Robin eh okay na compara ke Willie. Basta huwag niyo ng pabalikin si Willie sa Wowowee. Kung babalik siya sa ABS-CBN gawin na lang ninyong JANITOR. Bagay sa ugali at mukha niya, pangit.

  4. novz says:

    i don’t understand why willie’s show is such a hit. mas prefer ko pa si michael v.
    .-= novz´s last blog ..Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich: 2010 Champions League Finals Preview and Results Predictions =-.

  5. Mistressraynne says:

    Robin seems to be a little shy to be the host, and he may need more experience. Nevertheless, I love him and I believe in time, he’ll make an awesome host! He’s such a gentleman and so cute.

    Robin Padilla, you make my heart melt every time I see you on screen!

  6. beatrice says:

    i more like Willie as a host in wowowee,hindi sya boring..Robin,he’s my idol since i was a kid pero mas bagay nya gumawa ng action movie kaysa maghost ng wowowee kaya Willie please go back coz we’re missing u lot.

  7. Perfecto says:

    To ABS-CBN Management – Please remove Willie prmanently from Wowowee. When he was hosting it, I used to change channels because he is rude, mayabang, egotistical and very disrespectful to women, especially the women employees of the show. Now that Robin Padilla is hosting, I always look forward to the show. Robin Padilla is 100% better than Revillame. Willie does not know how to look back where he came from. He owes ABS-CBN what he is and what he has but he chose to ignore that. He is not only disrespectful but also an ingrate. Please consider putting Robin Padilla permanently as Wowowee host. He is a beathe of fresh air,he is humble, respectful, kind, funny, emotional, and HONEST. Look at the reaction to him; people love him. Give him a chance. Do not consider the dark side of his past. He is a re-born human being.

  8. Perfecto says:

    One more thing – I love the songs of Robin Padilla better than Willie. Willie always just thinks of himself. He always plugs in his songs which are boring. Robin’s songs and his voice are far better than Willie’s. Robin’s voice is much better than Willie’s. Question – does Willie pay for the free advertisements for his songs, condos and other products? Or is he abusing the kindness of ABS-CB Management. From beginning to end, he always plugs in his advertisement for Willie this, Willie that, Willie there, Willie her, etc… If he pays for that, that is more than enough to pay for his salary.

  9. si manny vilar na lang kaya maghost?
    para makaganti sya kay willie

  10. Williesucksbigtime says:

    Robin na instead of willie! Walang kuwentang host si willie eh!!


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