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Alicia Keys Pregnant and Engaged to Swizz Beatz


Alicia Keys Pregnant and Engaged to Swizz BeatzRnB star and multi-awarded singer Alicia Keys, 29, confirmed that she is indeed pregnant and engaged after rumors and gossips spread like wildfire online.

Alicia Keys is engaged to Swizz Beatz and they are to be married on a private ceremony said the representative of the couple.

Swizz Beats, 31, is a rapper and producer of some Alicia’s albums.

The rumor of Alicia Keys being pregnant was first reported after people noticed her attire during a fundraising event in London with which the singer wore a high-waisted voluminous dress.

Image from E Online

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  1. bleh says:

    what a skank. shacking up with a married man, being a total bitch to his wife and kid, then making him get a divorce when she gets preggers–i’ve lost all respect for Alicia Keys. She may talk the talk, but inside she’s a self-absorbed, callous monster with the principles and character of a dog in heat.

  2. Jin Kizzee says:

    Alicia keys is gorgeous young lady she sings good I love your song the one I like best is never see you again that a excellent song to sing to a boy friend


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