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Jerry Seinfeld Called Lady Gaga A Jerk


Jerry Seinfeld Called Lady Gaga A JerkJerry Seinfeld called Lady Gaga “a jerk” after the latter was seen during a Mets game where she was wearing only her bra and on a drinking spree.  She was later seen moving from her seat to a front row space that belonged to Seinfeld.

Here is what Jerry Seinfeld said during a radio interview,

“This woman is a jerk. I hate her.  I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for.  You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now?”

The comedian then added more harsh words,

“I don’t know what these young people think or how they promote their careers.  I’m older, I’m 56. I look at Lady Gaga the way Keith Hernandez watches these kids when they pull the pocket out, they wear the inside-out pocket. … Do you think he understands that? He can’t understand that. That’s a new game, that’s kids.  I’m not one of these all-publicity-is-good people. People talk about you need exposure — you could die of exposure.”

Wow, that was certainly a lot from Jerry.  I wonder what will Lady Gaga’s reaction to this?

Image from Business Week

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