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Party Pilipinas 3D Episode, Overrated and Just Another Media Hype


party pilipinas 3DHave you watched the episode of Party Pilipinas 3D?

For many people who had watched the show, many complained that the there was no visible distinction between what was advertised as 3D and the regular mode of watching it.  Yeah, yeah.

Was the Party Pilipinas 3D all a media hype?

Lalala, one of my blog’s commenter said on Party Pilipinas 3D post,

“I guess the 3D thing with the Party Pilipinas is just another media hype. Overrated. It seems that watching using just the naked eye & 3D glasses bared no difference at all. I’m a bit disappointed :D”

Techie.com.ph on the other hand shared a wonderful article outlining the Party Pilipinas 3D dubbed as the “First on Philippine TV”.  The article says,

“While we have nothing against anachrome 3D, the way the show was promoted as a first in Philippine TV was clearly intended to one-up the competition without actually one-upping them.

To create modern 3D material, you’ll need multimillion-dollar equipment and a means to broadcast the feed/data. What PP did was to create sets of images, 1 red and 1 blue, and smash them together into a single analog feed. TV stations in the US have been doing this since the early ’90s, and even today, big American cable networks have only begun experimenting with and/or deploying real 3D broadcast systems.”

It concluded,

“We have to give credit to Party Pilipinas for trying to jump in on the 3D bandwagon, but as far as the program making it to the tech record books, well, we’ll have to disagree. Hard.

Party Pilipinas’ in 3D may be a first in the country, but it’s not the kind of first that we’ve been waiting for.”

I think that Party Pilipinas 3D was indeed just a media hype in order to get a quick surge in ratings against its fiercest rival ASAP XV.  The show was overrated and the media hype they launched made people think that it was indeed a 3D that people are expecting.  But it landed short of people’s expectations.

How about you guys, do you think that the Party Pilipinas 3D was overrated and was just a media hype?  Share your thoughts.

Image from Techie.com.ph

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