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Justin Bieber Hates Korea and Other Justin Bieber Rumors


Justin-Bieber-dead-breaks-neckThe online world is abuzz today as another rumor and hoax about Justin Bieber is pumped up.

The rumor is that Justin Bieber hates Korea and Koreans.  The young kid who rose to stardom has been the center of many online rumors in the past months that borders from imagination to absurdity.

Rumors about Justin Bieber includes that he kissed a boy, he infected himself with syphilis, he only has one ball, that he has his own scandal videos, uttered racial slurs and that he had a fatal accident breaking his neck.

The rumors simply won’t just die, and pranksters simply want more and create more.

For sure, this rumor of Justin Bieber hating Koreans is not the last…maybe he will hear soon that Justin Bieber loves Barbie dolls.

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