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Lindsay Lohan Will Attend Psychotherapy, Drug and Alcohol Counseling


Lindsay-Lohan-Jail-SentenceLast Wednesday, Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered the 24-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan to attend to her rehab responsibilites; two psychotherapy, two behavior therapy and five 12-step sessions a week.  These could lead to Lohan‘s fast recovery and most probably would end the three-year-old drug case.

After completing these tasks for more than a month in jail and inpatient rehab, the young star would be allowed to go back to work. Also, if she succeeds, she will be allowed to return to unsupervised probation.  However, she fails the drug screenings, she will receive a 30-day jail sentence.

Despite of Lohan‘s upcoming intense counseling and therapy, the court granted that her supervised probation to be taken off in November.

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney believes that her client will succeed and will be able to perform her rehab responsibilities perfectly. According to her, Lohan has completely changed and is positive at looking forward.

Lindsay is part of Robert Rodriguez’s film “Machete” which will be shown on September 3.  She is also set to play a role of a porn star in a movie which haven’t started filming yet.

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