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Kris Aquino: I am Gonna Be Lovable!


kris aquinoThe whole drama in the life of Kris Aquino is not yet done as the legal battle for the nullity of her marriage to James Yap has just started.  But at least, both camps has been quite quit for the last days.

How is Kris Aquino doing right now?

Well, after her devastating separation with the basketball heart rob, and past whirlwind romances, she says that she is now resolved to take a new perspective in life devoid of anger, hate and stress.  Kris said that moving on is the only way to have a happy life and leaving the past for a better future is the only road she will have to take.  On her Twitter account, she posted these messages:

“I’m learning to not live in the past or worry too much about tomorrow, but just focus on now. Less stress, more joy! Good morning!”

“The secret of health for both mind & body is not to mourn for the past nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely & earnestly.”

Last Sunday, the queen of all media also shared:

“Just read this in my love quotations app, if u want to be loved, be lovable! So that’s my goal for the rest of my life- I’m gonna be lovable!”

Will being lovable also means she is eyeing someone her new love to love her back?  This is a new wait-and-see.

Image from Pep.ph

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