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Katy Perry and Russel Brand Married in India


katy perry russel brandAmerican Pop Singer Katy Perry and British Comedian Russel Brand were married yesterday in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony at a luxury resort in a tiger sanctuary in India. Brand proposed to Perry in Jaipur, then the couple decided to get married in India.

Brand and Perry wore traditional Indian clothes, with hennas and nose rings, to abide to the Indian culture. Brand‘s wedding procession included 21 camels, elephants, horses, indian dancers and musicians.

The couple exchanged vows with 80 or so guests and a Hindu priest as a witness. After the ceremony, they hired 13 vehicles to take the guests on tour at the tiger sanctuary.

“We just love each other and we want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it very normal. It ain’t about selling the pictures, it ain’t about doing no pre-nup, it’s just a normal thing.”

“The relationship is very important to me. It means growing up. Love between two people is the most spectacular, but ordinary, thing in the world.”, Brand stated in an interview.

Image from celebz4eva.wordpress.com

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