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Kris Humphries Leaving Divorce to the Pros


Whatever came over Kris Humphries when he entertained the idea of representing himself in the divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian has left the building… or Kris’ head for that matter.

Humphries is leaving everything that has to do with his divorce to the pros — divorce lawyers if you may.

Prior to this clarification, rumors were swirling that Humphries, 27, appointed himself as his lawyer on official documents for his divorce case.

Well, according to sources close to Humphries, he was just in the process of changing his legal counsel when he had to put a name on the divorce paper, so he put in his name.

And, as if to add another nail to their divorce coffin, the former couple butted heads again earlier in the week about what to do with their wedding gifts.

Kris wanted to return each and every gift to its respective giver while Kim decided to donate twice the value of their wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation, a charity that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses.

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