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Lady Gaga Issues Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan


LADY-GAGA-sexualityLady Gaga happened to receive a death threat after saying that she “loves her fans and would willingly die for them”.

Definitely, Gaga would not die for them. She took out a restraining order against the New York-based, 26-year-old Russian student Anastasia Obukhova who had threatened to shoot her head so they could “die together”.

Obukhova wrote:

“You come to my dreams. I want to die and I want to die together with you.”

“I am not Mark Chapman. It is not only you who will die. I will shoot a bullet through my head too.”

The student is pertaining to the obsessed fan of John Lennon of Beatles who murdered him in 1980.

The restraining order says that Obukhova is prohibited within 500 meters from Lady Gaga.

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