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Derek Ramsay Transferring to TV5?


TV5 is obviously beefing up its network with lots of talents as it continues to slug it out with two other major networks in Philippine television.

We have seen a good number of actors and actresses who jump off their mother ships and went on to join TV5.

Rumors are now circulating that Derek Ramsay is the next big star who is set to leave his network and become the newest Kapatid of TV5.  However, everything that was written about his showbiz rumor has not given any proof the purported transfer.

Darla Sauler posted on her blog at darlasauler.com about this rumor.  She went on to call Derek and asked him about the truth to the whole issue.  Derek said,

“There is no truth to that, I am under contract with ABS-CBN and I am very happy. And I am the type of person who fulfills his obligations before anything else.”

That is it.  Case closed folks.

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