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Why James Yap Did Not Attend Noynoy Aquino’s Inauguration


James Yap, husband of Kris Aquino was a no-show during the Inauguration and Oath-taking ceremonies of brother-in-law President Noynoy Aquino III yesterday at the Quirino Grandstand.

The inauguration was attended by an estimated 600,000 crowd at the Luneta and hundreds of celebrities and foreign dignitaries.

But while the inauguration was taking place, James Yap instead went to practice and later that night played great basketball, this despite his confirmation days ago that he will attend to give respect to his brother-in-law’s new role as head of the Philippine government.

James Yap though clarified that his not attending the inauguration was because he wants to avoid being at the spotlight and creating rumors about his severed marriage with Kris Aquino.  He further said that he had asked Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s consent not to attend anymore in order not to taint the ceremony with controversy.

“Ipagpre-pray kita always… nakilala na rin kita, alam ko naman na wala kang ibang hinangad kundi tulungan ang ating mga kababayan, so God bless.”

Reasons for the break-up of Kris and Jame’s marriage is still a big speculation though there are people say that it is because of Krissy’s domineering attitude while others narrated more reasons here.

Check out Noynoy Aquino’s Inaugural Speech in English here.

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