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Arnel Pineda Will Be Sued by NHI for Erroneously Singing the National Anthem


Arnel PinedaThe National Historical Institute of NHI is going to file a case against Journey frontman man Arnel Pineda after he sang a slower version of the national anthem during the match of Pacquiao against Clottey last Sunday at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

The chief of the Heraldry Section of the NHI is set to file a complaint against Pineda at the Department of Justice for violating the Section 37 of Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code which is all about the proper singing of the national anthem; he sang it too slow and with high pitch at the end.  Anyone who violated and found guilty by the court will be fined from P5,000 – P20,000 or will be jailed for a one year. (Watch Arnel Pineda Singing the National Anthem Video here)

Arnel Pineda was interviewed days before the fight and said that he will sing and be faithful to what is being stated by the law in order not to follow with previous incidents that involved similar problems during Pacquiao’s fights.  Asked about the latest issue he is involved with, he said that he just sang from the heart, and the spontaneous outpour of emotion and pride cannot simply be dampened while singing the national anthem in front of millions of viewers.  He will leave the issue to his lawyer.

Until now though, there is no one who got punished under this law.

The Renegade Blogger’s View:  This is not something new of an issue.  For me, I think there should also be some room for personal expression and art in the way of the singing of national anthem without really disrespecting it.  As what the Heraldry Section of the NHI said, if people do not want to follow it or needs an updating in consideration of the present needs, sentiments and consciousness, then ratify the law.  Singing the national anthem should not be always as stiff as like fighting in a bloody war which is the very context when the national anthem was composed by Julian Felipe.  Well, so far no one got punished.

What do you think of this latest hullabaloo of the Arnel to be sued by the NHI for his way of singing of the national anthem?

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  1. cee_jay says:

    can we just ratify the law instead?

  2. Balty says:

    I think making a fuss over Arnel’s way of singing the National Anthem is a sign of insecurity. I believed Arnel when he said that he sang the song from the heart. Paano nga ba naman siya makakapag-emote kung ang kanyang gagawing pagkanta ay marching style ?

    Kung gusto talagang maghigpit ng mga taga-NHI, pumasok sila sa mga sinehan, ‘yung last full show, at paghuhulihin nila ‘yung mga nag-te-text, kumakain, naglalampungan, o ayaw lang talagang tumayo habang ipinapalabas ang Pambansang Awit. (May isinulat ako tungkol d’yan sa aking blog: http://ytlab.blogspot.com/2008/06/whats-happening-to-our-country.html.)

    As for me, baka habang buhay na akong ikinulong ng NHI at namulubi na sa kakamulta sa kanila; sintunado kasi ako.

  3. pinay ako says:

    Bakit ba kailangan pa nating baguhin ang tono ng ating pambansang awit, may mawawala ba kung susundin natin and dating himig nito, kaya nga tinawag na pambansang awit to, bukot tayong pinoy lang ang nag-iiba ng tono ng pambansang awit, dapat igalang natin to dahil kung babaguhin natin ang tono, baka yung mga magiging apo at kaku-apuhan ng apo antin ay di malaman kung ano ba talaga ang tunay na himig ng ating pambansang awit.igalang natin sana ang pambansan awit natin na nakagisnan natin, yung lang po, opinyon lang

  4. SPC says:

    No wonder the Phillipines remains mired in corruption and poverty. What society would threaten to punish one of its few worldwide stars for an interpretation of a nationally known song? Perhaps the NHI should concentrate on how to improve the lives of its citizens rather than issues that are inconsequential in the world today. It was obvious that Arnel was singing with the spirit and creativity that has garnered him respect everywhere. The Phillipines should be proud that this ambassador for the talent and loving warmth that is so indicative of the Phillipine culture and not rush to once again show the world that those in positions of political visibility continue to be eager to publicly display their personal power.


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