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Showbiz Renegade is one of the largest online entertainment news publishing group in the United States. We publish various showbiz news, targeting major countries around the world. Just like any other entertainment news website, we cover the freshest and hippest news in Hollywood, Bollywood, Asia, UK, Russia, Middle East and other countries where entertainment news and gossips are a big hit. The combined circulation and readership of our news makes Showbiz Renegade one of the most influential in the entertainment news industry.

Below are the key people behind Showbiz Renegade.

Ashley Gadot

Junrex Ballesteros

Ela Grayham
Managing Editor

New York Bureau
Vince Hummel

Contributing Writers
Heather Louise Torres
Jen Vishta
Pinky Weavers
Anna Ranch
Martin Kurshaw
Shannon Isaac
Shunny Milsen

Photo Journalists
Anthony Jaffer
Gunjesh Desai
John Villanueva
Chris Pierce

Chief Operating Officer
Hayden Hamilton

Director of Advertising & Marketing
Anna Springfield

Tim Owen
Mildred Valaski

Editorial & Corporate Headquarters
34, Warburton Avenue, Getty Square,
Yonkers, Westchester, NY 10701-7080
Website: www.showbizrenegade.com
Main E-mail: news@showbizrenegade.com
Tel: (804) 313-9031
Fax: (804) 313-9032